Features and benefits of Flo's temporary recruitment software

Cloud-based software, designed and built specifically for the temporary recruitment industry.

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Everything you need in one place

right to work documentation

Right To Work Documentation

Store Right To Work information for each candidate. Flo alerts you which documentation is valid based on country of origin.

agency bookings


Easily add multiple candidates to a booking. Flo offers real-time visibility of all vacancies, both filled and unfilled.

agency work regulations

Agency Worker Regulations

Automatically track candidate records with visual warnings for those approaching the end of their qualifying period.

process timesheets


Save time with Flo’s fully automated electronic timesheet system, hours can be uploaded in bulk by you or your client.

compliance management


Flo enables your agency to quickly and easily identify exact-match candidates, ensuring compliance and improving CB hit rates.

manage payroll


Store all of your candidates' pay data in one place making it easy to export and send to external payroll providers.

candidate management


Store and instantly access all candidate information, documents and contracts so as to manage your workforce more effectively.


Communicate job details to your workers by text message. Flo’s SMS service allows you to send and receive messages.

client management


Multiple logins on Flo allow you to grant access to your clients encouraging more transparency and communication.

right to work documentation


Flo offers lots of helpful reports; you can export payroll details, monitor revenue (per candidate or client) and download invoices.

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Real time visibility of your entire business

Flo's system stores all information in real-time. This means that all your information and data will always be up to date when accessed.

For recruitment agencies, this means having complete control and visibility of all business activity wherever you are.

recruitment software dashboard
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Compliance management made easy

Working within a heavily regulated industry and facing large fines for non-compliance, temporary recruitment agencies need to make sure all of their candidate information is valid and up to date.

Flo's system helps agencies by automating an otherwise tedious process. Eliminate human error with regular checks, automated alerts and reminders that will make your agency stay compliant with ease.

right to work dashboard
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Tailored recruitment software training

In order to help you get the most out of the Flo system, we offer tailored training sessions with one of our dedicated trainers. During the initial implementation process, we will discuss any specific training requirements with you to ensure you get the most of the training session. We’re here to guide you and your team through every step and support you with your specific needs to ensure our training delivers tangible business results, in record time.

With Flo, training isn’t a one-off session – it is an ongoing process as and when you need us, whether that’s to run through new features and functionality or to train new starters in your agency.

Find out more about the training offered in this video by Flo representative Emma Hulse and request a demo to understand more about our software solution.

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