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Whether it's bookings or timesheets, managing compliance or invoicing, Flo's cloud based recruitment software makes it easier to run and manage your business.

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Key features of Flo's temporary recruitment software


Multiple logins on Flo allow you to grant access to your clients encouraging more transparency and communication.


Easily add multiple candidates to a booking. Flo offers real-time visibility of all vacancies, both filled and unfilled.


Store and instantly access all candidate information, documents and contracts so as to manage your workforce more effectively.


Save time with Flo’s fully automated electronic timesheet system, hours can be uploaded in bulk by you or your client.

Right To Work Documentation

Store Right To Work information for each candidate. Flo alerts you which documentation is valid based on country of origin.


Store all of your candidates' pay data in one place making it easy to export and send to external payroll providers.

Agency Worker Regulations

Automatically track candidate records with visual warnings for those approaching the end of their qualifying period.

Accessible anywhere 24/7


Communicate job details to your workers by text message. Flo’s SMS service allows you to send and receive messages.


Flo enables your agency to quickly and easily identify exact-match candidates, ensuring compliance and improving CB hit rates.


Flo offers lots of helpful reports; you can export payroll details, monitor revenue (per candidate or client) and download invoices.

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Why choose Flo for your temporary recruitment agency

If you run a temporary recruitment agency, you will understand the value of having the right recruitment software in place to help you manage your business.

There are many reasons why you could be considering a new software system. Our clients range from new start-ups keen to move away from time-consuming Excel spreadsheets to larger clients whose growth requires a more sophisticated approach. Whatever your reason, we know that in a fast moving recruitment industry, you’ll be looking for recruitment software which keeps pace with your business needs and gives you the tools needed to win and retain more business.

Flo’s real-time, cloud based recruitment software makes it easier to run and manage your temporary recruitment business. Flo’s recruitment software will save your agency both time and money by giving you all of the tools needed to effectively run your business. From managing bookings to processing timesheets, Flo’s clear and reliable system puts everything you need in one place and cuts out hours of costly administration. To tackle the many issues agencies face associated with compliance, Flo tracks Agency Workers Regulations and stores copies of all compliance documents. Both agencies and their clients can benefit from peace of mind that all vacancies they fill are done so in the most compliant way.

At Flo we believe that all recruitment software should be user friendly, which is why we don’t simply offer a product, but a service too. To help you get set up and get the most out of your Flo system, we offer tailored training sessions with our dedicated team. We focus all of our training on the specific needs of your business and the individuality of your team, so that we can deliver tangible business results in record time. And as your business grows, we are always on hand to run through new features or to train new starters in your agency. We pride ourselves on offering ongoing support.

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