Healthcare recruitment presents unique challenges with regards to sourcing compliant candidates, managing multiple shifts and providing flexibility of rates.

Healthcare Agencies

Flo’s temporary recruitment software ensures your healthcare agency remains compliant, provides complete visibility of all bookings and allows the flexibility to define different rate structures depending on the needs of your clients.

Over 50% of Flo’s current client base is healthcare agencies and they say:

“Flo is the ideal solution for agencies operating with an NHS or private healthcare client base.”

Compliance guaranteed

Flo’s double-headed approach to compliance allows agencies to define specific criteria at both client and candidate level, therefore only booking suitable candidates based on client specific job requirements. The Flo System tracks the expiry date of all documentation, including DBS checks and training qualifications, ensuring up to date information at all times. The use of Flo's regular check feature provides a complete audit trail against each compliance item.

Complete transparency

Temporary recruitment agencies operating in the healthcare sector are responsible for both their clients and of course, in turn, the patients and end users of care. Building a trusted relationship is incredibly important. That’s why Flo allows you to grant access to the system to your clients encouraging more transparency and communication –a real USP in the extremely crowded and competitive agency marketplace.

Automated invoicing

Managing the complex rate structures associated with healthcare can make the payroll and invoicing aspect of recruitment extremely labour intensive and prone to errors. Using Flo, the payroll file and invoices are automatically produced from the hours entered into the timesheets, using calculations based on predefined rate rules. Not only does this save huge amounts of processing time, but significantly reduces errors ensuring that the client invoices are paid on time.

Flo's healthcare agencies include...

Forward Recruitment
BNR Agency
Teamforce Labour

"The system its self is so self-explanatory and clear to follow, it makes the working day so much easier being comfortable with your main system."

Rachel, MTrec Care

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