d&d Recruit case study

D&D Recruit Ltd is an employment agency that specialises in temporary staffing in the logistics sector.

Since being founded in 2013, D&D Recruit Ltd has quickly grown into the agency of choice for many companies across the North West and Midlands. Their aim is to offer total support to their clients from day one and ensure that the service provided remains at the highest standard at all times.

D&D Recruit Ltd’s head office is in Cheshire and the company operates out of two locations nationwide. They work closely and communicate effectively with their clients to work towards a common goal. This ensures growth, not only in supply but in the relationship between supplier and client.

They are part of the Recruitment Employment Confederation (REC).

The challenge

Very early on, D&D Recruit Ltd identified the need to move away from the manual reporting and paper-based administration they were relying on. They were using spreadsheets and always wanted to move to a software system – preferably cloud-based – that centralised all their administration and documents whilst allowing full visibility for key decision-makers.

All workers’ hours were logged manually on a costing sheet, to which an invoice was then generated and rewritten, calculating hours worked, the client charge and margin – a hugely time-consuming exercise.

The solution

In 2014, the company partnered with Flo Software with the aim of bringing all documentation into one place and offering their clients accessibility to the bookings, timesheets, availability, AWR and compliance aspects of employing temporary workers.

Since implementation, the system has fulfilled their specific requirements and continues to add value to their offering to clients.

By using Flo Software, D&D Recruit Ltd now has a 360 degree view of their supply of temporary workers and access to previously unattainable levels of transparency, control and compliance. The real-time visibility and access to Management Information Flo Software has given D&D Recruit Ltd mitigates risk and gives the company and its clients the confidence that their contingent labour is compliant and adhering to all temporary worker legislation.

Managing Director, Dean Bond, comments: “Flo is the perfect system to use. The implementation process was simple and seamless; Kathryn, Emma and the rest of the Flo team worked tirelessly to ensure that the project was run with no disruption to the business, allowing us to continue operating as usual.

Under Flo Software’s ‘Train the Trainer’ programme, a key member of D&D Recruit Ltd’s staff was given full, in-depth training at both Flo and D&D Recruit Ltd’s headquarters. This allowed D&D Recruit Ltd to have a fully trained system expert on their staff full-time to answer questions their staff may have.

Dean adds: “Whenever we take on a new starter, they are introduced to the Flo system from day one so they can quickly become accustomed. Members of Flo’s team are also always on hand to offer guidance, in person and at either of our sites when required.

“Working across two sites in the UK, it is important for us to have all our documentation in one easily accessible place and to maintain complete visibility of our operations; with Flo we now have this.

Dean concludes: “In essence, implementing Flo Software has allowed us to offer a more complete, seamless service to the many companies we provide temporary staff to. We are now saving half a day a week in administration time, which equates to 26 days per year and over £3,000 in cost savings.”

Next steps

Over twelve months since the implementation of Flo Software, alongside representatives from Flo, D&D Recruit Ltd is in the process of developing the system even further in their business. Currently, D&D Recruit Ltd’s invoicing process works by downloading a csv file and uploading onto their invoice system – something they are looking to develop through Flo. This new functionality will aim to further reduce the time that D&D Recruit Ltd spends on invoicing and back office administration.

The feedback from D&D Recruit Ltd has been invaluable and proven to be instrumental in helping Flo Software to specifically develop a bespoke solution suited to their business needs. Flo continues to work closely with D&D Recruit Ltd to provide added value and ongoing training when required, while also being committed to monitoring compliance.

Call us on 0345 872 3616 or email info@flo.co.uk to find out more