How recruitment agencies can win new clients


According to recent figures from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), confidence in UK recruitment firms remains high. The REC found that on average recruitment agencies received a satisfaction rating of 93%, illustrating their strong performance amidst the pressure of heightened demand.

According to the report, almost three quarters of employers believe that economic conditions are improving and that 86% of hirers plan to add to their permanent workforce over the next quarter, whilst 79% plan to do so in the medium term. Eight in ten hirers said they used agencies to gain short-term access to key strategic skills.

The above figures show that for small and medium-sized recruitment agencies, there is a current potential for growth. How well they utilise this potential, depends highly on their ability to secure new business. So, how can recruitment agencies work towards winning new clients?

The number of recruitment agencies in the UK has grown astronomically over recent years, meaning competition in the marketplace is fierce. In order to win new business leads, it can pay dividends to give yourself an edge over others and specialise in a certain recruitment sector. Why should a potential client trust you to be the best? Focussing on thought leadership can help too. By keeping a blog, for example, you can establish yourself as an expert in your field, which will help you stand out from other recruiters in your market.

You should carry your specialism sector through in your branding. Search engine optimisation (SEO) can improve the visibility of your website. By using targeted keywords in your content, you can focus on specific markets, levels and niches.

Social media can help you promote your business and chase business leads, but improving your website can be a promotional asset too. You could create an ‘about’ or ‘team’ page to make your brand more personal and provide online case studies to show off your specific skills and industry experience.

Go offline
Although the internet and social media provide great networking tools, building an offline professional relationship can be worth investing time in. Visiting trade shows is a good opportunity to be seen and to network. When potential clients can put a face to a business, this makes it more likely that they will sign up with your agency.

Manage your time
In recruitment, particularly temporary recruitment, time is of the essence. Often, positions needs to be filled fast, but at the same time recruiters are required to set up new candidates and check compliance documents. Administration can take up a lot of time, stopping recruiters from focussing on following up on leads for future growth.

Flo Software can help you to manage your agency administration much more effectively. From managing bookings to processing timesheets, our real-time cloud-based software gives you all the tools you need to work smarter.

To speak to Flo Software about how we could help your agency manage the administration of your recruitment business and to learn about the training and ongoing support we provide, call us on 0844 322 1100 or email to speak to a member of our team.